Window Screens

Cleaning Window Screens

In order to properly clean a screen you have to remove the dirt; a simple concept but not as easy as it sounds.  Screens in the northeast get coated with a very fine layer of pollen and soot, which gets baked/frozen into the screen fibers with our hot humid summers and frigid winters. Rinsing them off with a garden hose does absolutely nothing.  Brushing them only moves the dirt around from one part of the screen to the other. If you try to use a pressure washer you will end up leaving a pattern of marks on the screen and possibly tear holes in the mesh.

We have a solution to the problem; let us take on this grueling task!  We use special detergents and conditioners that we have exclusively developed.   Each screen is removed and marked for location; “this is to insure that every screen gets put back on same window it was removed from”; they are then carefully washed with our special detergents and conditioners, rinsed, dried and re-installed.  Your screens will look like new when we get finished!

*Please note* Screens that are severely weather beaten; where the glass yarn and polyester fibers are beginning to show; there is no cleaning system that can improve their appearance.  They can be cleaned but there is nothing you can do for their appearance, these screens must be replaced if you want them to look like new.

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