We Service All Types of Commercial Buildings Up to Two Stories

Here are a few examples of commercial buildings and recommended cleaning schedules:

Restaurants – Interior/exterior every 2 weeks.
Banks – All exterior windows and interior/exterior lobby windows once per month; all other interior windows once every 6 months.
Hotels – All exterior windows and interior/exterior common area/lobby windows once per month.
Strip Malls – Exterior windows once every two weeks.

Office Buildings – All exterior windows every 2 months, interior/exterior every 6 months.
Supermarkets – Interior/exterior every 2 weeks including commercial cooler doors.
Health Clubs – All exterior windows, interior/exterior lobby entrance windows and all mirrors once per month.
Model Homes – Interior/exterior once per month.


All of Our Commercial Services

√  Window washing interior/exterior
√  One time service or scheduled maintenance
√  Washing window screens
√  Cleaning window tracks
√  Construction Clean – What is Construction Clean?
√  Ceiling fans and light fixtures
√  Mirrors
√  Window Coverings

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