Mirrors can be a challenge to clean sometimes even for professional window cleaners; so don’t feel bad if you or your housekeepers are having trouble removing smudges and streaks.  The reason for this challenge may have to do with Defective Glass.  Some glass surfaces have a rough surface; microscopic peaks and valleys; this type of glass is more susceptible to dirt and water spots and therefore are more difficult to remove.  All types of homes fall victim to this type of glass; from the multimillion dollar range to the hundred thousand dollar track home.

In order to produce a clean streak free finish on this type of problem glass you must use a squeegee and very little work with a rag; skill and experience are the utmost importance.  This problem glass is like sand paper; if you swipe your rag across it, you’ll rub off particles of the rag on to the glass making it impossible to have a streak free shine; this same problem applies to windows as well.  If your mirrors are a challenge or if you just don’t have time to deal with them; let us take on this task for you!

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