Q – Why do some window cleaners charge more than others?
A – There are many different ways to clean a window or a window screen.  The method of cleaning used can easily double or triple the amount of time that it takes to clean your windows.  Another factor is care not to damage property such as bent screen frames, getting water on floors or walls etc; these consume time as well.  Since time is money, the method that takes the most time is going to cost the most, but will produce the best results.  We differentiate ourselves from other window washers who might do less than stellar work, by spending a little extra time to ensure our customers satisfaction.

Q – I’ve never had my windows professionally cleaned; what is the normal routine for getting this done?
A – For residential customers after you call or email us we will give you a no obligation estimate over the phone and explain our services.  We don’t like surprises anymore than you, so we will never go over the price we quote you.  For commercial jobs we need to come out on site to do the estimate.  If the price is acceptable to you, next step is scheduling a date and time.  We typically start on the inside first, window tracks are cleaned and then we clean the interior windows.   Once we finish the inside you can take off or run errands while we finish the exterior.  Exterior clean consists of brushing away cob webs around window frames, washing window screens and the windows.

Q – Do you tip window cleaners?
A – Some customers tip and some don’t; there is no obligation to tip.  We are grateful you have chosen us as your window cleaning company and don’t expect to be tipped. However, I’m not Bill Gates and neither are my employees, if you really feel like tipping, go ahead, everyone loves being appreciated.

Q – Are my dogs going to be a problem?
A – We love dogs and most of the time they are not a problem.  Once they get used to us we can work around them.  Once in a while we encounter a fearful dog that won’t stop barking or growling; in a case like this we will ask you to contain your dog in a room while we work, or keep the dog inside while we work outside.

Q – Why is it that some of the windows or mirrors that I clean myself just never get clean?
A – 
There are a number of reasons why your window or mirror isn’t getting clean.  You could have Defective Glass; this type of glass has a rough surface.  Under a microscope there are a lot of peaks and valleys.  Since it has a rough surface it will attract dirt like a magnet and water spots will be difficult to remove.  To work around this, you must be very good with a squeegee; you can’t use a rag because the rough surface of the glass rubs off particles of the rag leaving smudges.  On the positive side, a squeegee will leave it spotless but you have to be skilled; you may want let us do this for you.

Another reason is that if you have double pane windows, the seals could be leaking.  Once these seals leak, dust and moisture will accumulate on the inside of the double pane glass.  The dirt on the inside of your double pane window will become more noticeable year after year.  The only way to fix this problem is replace the window.

Q – What form of payment do you take?
A – At the moment we are accepting cash and checks.  Checks can be picked up at a later time, no problem.  

Q – I only want a few windows and mirrors cleaned, do you do partial cleanings?
A – 
Yes we do!  For partial cleanings we charge an hourly rate with a minimum charge.  Partial cleanings are not as economical as full package cleanings but they do cost less and it’s a great option if you want to make your house or business look presentable without spending a lot of money.

Q – Do you have weekend service?

A – Yes, we have weekend service available for no extra charge.

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