Window Cleaning Options For Residential Homes

Full package cleaningRecommended at least once per year which involves interior/exterior window cleaning, track cleaning and washing all screens.  We also include glass block and garage windows.

Exterior Only Cleaning only exterior windows and washing all screens.

Basic interior or exterior clean This is the most economical, with this option only the windows are cleaned, no tracks or screens.

Custom Clean – We are very flexible when it comes to our cleaning services, if you prefer, we can do an exterior clean and then only do the interior of the patio slider doors; or perhaps some bathroom mirrors.

Schedule us to clean throughout the year.

Fairfield County Residential Window Cleaning

Connecticut’s Four Window Dirtying Seasons

Throughout the year, pollen falls, leaves fall and storms blow debris at your house.  Detritus gets in your window tracks and mucks up your windows. We recommend a cleaning for each of Connecticut’s four seasons.  If there is a warm day in the winter, we can clean your windows!

“Clean windows bring the beautiful outside light into your home!”

Have a special event happening at your house? Book us to detail your windows!

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